High Voltage Maintenance & Testing In A Major Plant, Facility, Factory Or Warehouse

Getting injured at work is 15% more likely in a major plant, facility, factory or warehouse environment than in most workplace environments in Australia and depending on what the site is used for, the risk factors are greater if they use large amounts of electricity. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure all high voltage electrical systems and equipment are thoroughly maintained and tested regularly.

What does maintenance and testing mean?

Maintenance and testing are industry terms for ensuring all electrical devices that are used onsite are checked from an electrical safety standpoint to ensure the safety of everyone on site. Some strict Australian guidelines and regulations must be adhered to with regards to electrical safety. The guideline sets out recommendations and instructions for maintenance and testing, how to handle certain situations and who can carry out this specialised work.

Maintenance and testing involve two parts: first is the visual inspection of the system or equipment for any form of damage to ensure that it is in a safe and operatable condition. Next, the system or equipment is electrically tested using specialised test equipment.

Once the system or equipment is tested, maintenance reports can be issued to ensure electrical compliance for each electrical asset.

How often should a workplace carry out maintenance and testing?

High voltage electrical systems and equipment should be maintained in accordance with AS:2467 and manufacturers requirements.

Factors such as equipment age, environment and equipment used should also be taken into consideration when determining maintenance frequencies.

Within these environments, employers have a duty of care to ensure the safety of their employees as per legislation. If an employer does not adhere to such legislation, they may be liable.

Who can complete maintenance and testing of electrical systems and equipment?

All electrical maintenance and testing works must be carried out by licenced electricians working under an Electrical Contractors License relevant to the state or territory where the works are being undertaken. These Electricians must also have higher levels of training in applicable high voltage areas such as high voltage switching and advanced testing techniques. All electricians must have in date CPR and switchboard rescue training as well. Asset Power Solutions ensures all their technicians are highly trained and skilled in all required areas.

What type of equipment needs to be maintained and tested?

All electrical systems should be maintained to ensure safety and compliance. Asset Power Solutions specialises in the testing of, High Voltage Transformers (Air Type and Oil Type), High Voltage Cables, High Voltage Ring Main Units, High Voltage Protection Relays, High Voltage Circuit Breakers, High Voltage Switchboards, Power Factor Correction Units, Low Voltage Switchboards and Low Voltage Air Circuit Breakers.

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