How To Choose A Good Industrial Electrician

Industrial electrical systems are often large and complex, carrying high current or high voltage flows of electricity that need to be handled properly for the safety of your business and of everyone on site. That’s why it’s important to choose an industrial electrician with the skills and experience to handle your projects with the care they deserve.

Choosing an electrician for your business is much the same as choosing one for around the home. You need to hire someone with the skills and equipment to get the job done, but that looks a little different when you are a business hiring for specialist jobs that often need additional training and experience. Before contracting with an industrial electrician, you should perform a few simple checks to make sure they’re the right team for the job.

Check Licensing and Training

In Australia, all electricians are required to hold a current Electrical Work Licence. This applies to electricians and to their apprentices. Before you allow any work to be performed around your business, you should make sure the electricians hold the appropriate licenses and have undergone proper safety training. Queensland electricians are not only required to hold a license, but without the formal protection of a license, your business can be liable for injuries or damage that occurs as a result of unlicensed electrical work.

While all electricians undergo the same training, industrial electricians often undergo further training or specific hands-on learning that gives them the experience to work in industrial environments. High voltage, low voltage, high current and complex electrical systems require special safety measures and equipment that regular electricians are simply not equipped or trained to deal with.

Scale and Capacity

One of the major issues faced by companies is finding industrial electricians with the capacity to take on the work. While some jobs may be small and suitable for a one or two-person team, major maintenance, installations, repairs and servicing programs can require much more work. This is especially true for large businesses with complex systems, and the company you contract may need access to dozens of trades to complete the work.

Not only do industrial jobs require specialist testing equipment, but industrial electricians also need to be trained to work with the systems already installed on-site, and to operate equipment needed to access tall or hard-to-reach components. Be clear about the scale of the job you are proposing, and make sure the electricians you are speaking to have a large enough team and the tools they’ll need to work with you. 

Communication Skills

Coordinating industrial construction projects can be a challenge, usually requiring multiple trades and business departments to work together along the way. A good industrial electrician understands their part in the bigger picture and has the communication skills to get along with you and any other services on-site during construction and installation work.

Ask for References

It might seem like you’re adding an extra step into the process, but checking the references of your electrician is always a smart move. Especially when you’re hiring for a large or ongoing project, speaking to some current or previous clients to ensure the quality and safety of their work offers the protection your business needs. It’s also worth checking simple things like the electrician’s online reviews and social media to see what other clients have to say about the services they provide.

While checking an electrician’s past work you should spare a thought for the types of projects they have handled. Since many systems require specific training, it pays to find electricians that are already experienced in the sorts of work they’ll be doing for your business.

Asset Power Solutions are Expert Industrial Electricians

When you need a team with the capacity and experience to look after the electrical needs of your business, Asset Power Solutions are here to help. We have the equipment, expertise and training to take care of even the most complex industrial systems. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and make an appointment.