The Most Common Hazards In An Industrial Workplace

An industrial workplace can be a dangerous place, to say the least. Heavy machinery, dangerous materials and pallets stacked higher than most working scaffolds. But one of the most dangerous elements of an industrial workplace is the electrical elements that are situated throughout the entire facility. Most industrial workplaces have an abundance of high voltage electrical systems, with the potential for a serious injury or something worse always a possibility. Below, Asset Power Solutions discusses some of the most common workplace hazards in an industrial workplace.

Uneven Surfaces or Poor Housekeeping, resulting in Slips, Trips and Falls

The most common workplace hazard is of course uneven surfaces or poor housekeeping. Most of the time, this may not cause a serious injury, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Something as simple as a wet floor or an obscure object can cause a worker to fall and cause themselves some serious damage, from something small like a broken wrist to something a lot more serious, like a severe spinal injury.

And these are just if these hazards occur on ground level. If a slip or fall occurs when a worker is completing a task at a great height, such as on a scissor lift or on scaffolding, the consequences could be much direr.

The frustrating thing is accidents like these are completely avoidable. Ensure good housekeeping on the factory floor and proper safety equipment when working in the rafters and correct safety procedures are implemented and adhered to will ensure that every worker goes home the same way they arrived; safe.

Heavy loads resulting in Lifting Injuries

Working in an industrial environment can require a lot of heavy, repetitive lifting. This can put a lot of strain on the body, more prominently the back. If improper lifting techniques are utilised, it can cause some serious damage. A back injury that occurs from a lifting accident might seem minor at the time, but over time it can cause chronic issues that can affect a person way of life, and even worse, cause an issue that is irreversible.

To avoid any issues arising from lifting accidents, ensure you are always using proper lifting techniques, which includes always assessing the weight of the item before lifting, lifting from the knees with a straight back and depending on the weight of the item, try to ensure a straight path from start to finish. Always utilise multi-person lifting techniques or mechanical lifting aids for heavy loads.

Industrial Machinery

Warehouses and factories generally have industrial machinery all over the place, from forklifts and pallet jacks to fill and packing machinery. Working with such machinery is a danger in itself, but not paying attention or using machinery that is faulty or defective can cause serious issues. There are numerous reports of workers being injured by a wayward forklift or limbs caught in machinery causing serious injury. 

When working with heavy machinery, all precautions must be adhered to. If you are driving a forklift, a license must be obtained and guidelines must be followed. If working with filling and packing machinery, always use the machine the way the manufacturer has advised, and don’t attempt to repair any issue with the machinery unless you are qualified to do so.

Electrical Hazards

Alongside the hazards of working with heavy machinery, electrical hazards are one of the most dangerous hazards in an industrial work environment. Given the amount of electricity warehouses and factories require, care should always be taken. One faulty electrical component can cause consequences that can be fatal. Under no circumstances should an unqualified personnel attempt to fix any electrical faults in an industrial environment. A qualified electrician should always be called in to handle these kinds of issues and if the electrical issue is of a high voltage nature a suitable qualified electrician should be engaged.

High voltage electricians are highly qualified and skilled to handle any electrical issue that your everyday electrician can’t. Working with extremely high voltage means that special training is required, because the majority of the time, the issue is a lot more complicated than changing a simple residential switchboard.

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