Tips For A More Efficient Power System In Your Warehouse

Industrial buildings and warehouses are often home to large machinery and systems, and their power consumption can represent a significant part of a business’s overhead expenses.

Cutting back in the right areas can save you big and take your business in the right direction when it comes to fulfilling green initiatives. The changes your business makes now will pay for themselves in the long-term as power consumption falls. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the simple improvements your business can make to improve the energy efficiency of your warehouses.

Design An LED Lighting Plan

The utility of LED lighting is no longer a secret. Adjusting your lighting system to function with energy-efficient LED options can reduce your lighting expenses by more than half.  LED bulbs can be as much as 75% more efficient than incandescent options, and modern products often have much longer lifespans than their classic counterparts.

Combining LED options with an audit of your lighting density has the potential to increase your savings even further. The Building Code of Australia specifies that working and storage areas require minimum lighting of 10 Watts per square metre, so adjusting your lighting plan to fulfil this requirement exactly can have a major impact on your consumption. Perform checks to ensure warehouse areas aren’t overexposed and make changes as necessary.

Finally, introducing sensors into your lighting system that automatically turn lights on and off have been known to reduce energy expenditure by up to 25%. Combined with LED bulbs and an expertly-designed layout, sensors can help deliver the most efficient system possible.

Improve The Building’s Insulation

Australians are no strangers to hot summers and the magic of insulation around the home, but it’s an even more important consideration in large industrial buildings and warehouses. Frequently made from corrugated steel, warehouses are prone to overheating, and the right insulation can make all the difference to your heating and cooling needs.

Especially in temperature-controlled storage, the insulation you choose will be the difference between good refrigeration and massive increases in your power overheads. Consult a commercial insulation specialist and seek their advice on ways you can upgrade your insulation with new products or improvements to the building’s air-tightness.

Update Your HVAC System

The HVAC system that controls the temperature in your warehouses is a major contributor to your energy consumption. Newer, more efficient designs can heat and cool your spaces using far less power, reducing your expenses significantly. While the outlay for a new system may seem high, the long-term savings of upgrading are well worth the expense.

A properly designed and installed commercial HVAC system can keep your storage spaces cool and your staff areas warm without driving your overheads through the roof. Especially in businesses that may have inherited their HVAC system from the previous owner, an update may be the best measure to improve your energy consumption. 

Get The Company On Board

Compared to the power being consumed by industrial machinery and lighting, the amount of energy your staff make their way through might seem like a drop in the ocean. But getting the whole company on board with energy efficiency measures is one of the best ways to make a positive shift.

Asking your employees to be mindful of their power consumption is a great start. Turning off lights in staff areas while they are unused, centrally governing thermostat settings and setting green goals for employees to achieve will all add up over time. Instituting new policies that encourage staff to be mindful of their energy consumption – both in staff and storage or warehousing areas – is also a good way to enlist their help in identifying any problems you may not have noticed. Your staff will have in-depth knowledge of their parts of the business and it’s well worth tapping into that resource when making green changes.

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