Power Factor Corrections for Factories & Warehouses

Is your business paying a hefty capacity charge for bad power factor? Our power factor correction service helps optimise the power factor of your facility. We help optimise your power consumption, so you spend less on electrical bills and get value for your money.

What is poor power factor?

Are you getting a hefty bill for the kVA usage of your facility? The reactive power charge from your electricity provider is a penalty you pay for poor power factor within your network.

These charges occur when the power factor of a building falls below a certain level. Each electricity supplier will typically define their own level.

Usually, power factor is affected by inductive loads. In short, if you have poor power factor, you’re paying for electricity that’s not doing any work. This is because you need to pull more power from the electricity network to get the same work done.

The larger your facility, the bigger the penalty charge will be for bad power factor. This is because your bad power factor reduces the electricity supplier’s distribution capacity.

Get good power factor and save

Luckily, poor power factor can be corrected! Our electrical engineers will analyse the current situation to establish the best solution. Often a reasonably priced high or low voltage power factor correction unit will rectify the situation. Most installations have a return on investment of under two years.

In addition, poor power factor leads to high heat gains, voltage drops and reduced equipment lifecycles. Fixing poor power factor will not only save you money with running costs - you also won’t have to upgrade your equipment as often.

Our highly experienced commercial electricians have over 200 years of combined experience. We use the latest tools and systems on the market to ensure your power factor becomes as efficient as possible.

Power factor is a topic of great concern for any business wanting to decrease running costs. Our skilled electricians help you achieve good power factor, so your business can cut back on the cost of electricity. We take pride in being resourceful, finding the best solution for each situation.

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