Arc Flash Assessment and Mitigation

Our arc flash assessments & mitigation services reduce the risk of sudden electrical downtime and costly repairs in your electrical network. Moreover, we help your business meet safety guidelines as outlined by Australian and International Standards. Contact our team of skilled electrical professionals to find out more about arc flash hazard assessments today.

Our COVID-19 Response

Asset Power Solutions are currently operating and supporting our customers for their essential electrical needs.

We are following the National and State Government lockdown rules which are currently allowing us to operate. Our staff are working from home and our field teams are taking every pre-caution in ensuring they are following all health and safety guidelines.

All our SWMS and procedures have been updated to include additional control measures to ensure we correctly control the COVID-19 hazard in our work areas.

All our personnel have completed the government supplied COVID-19 Training courses and will keep this training updated as further information is released.

We are here to support you during these testing times, as now more than ever it is important to ensure your power supplies are not interrupted. Our emergency 24/7 call out number is 1300 HVLVHELP, please ring to reach and mobilise (if required) skilled electrical work crews.

Stay safe everyone.

Helping you meet safety standards

The law requires businesses that own or operate the following to take certain safety precautions:

  • High voltage
  • Low voltage
  • High current
  • Complex electrical installations

This includes responsibilities when it comes to electrical arc flash hazard management.

As commercial and industrial electricians, we know what’s needed to have your electrical safety covered. Founded in 2009, our company is highly experienced in Australian electrical safety requirements. Our skilled electricians help you follow all legal standards in all states.

Faults in the electrical network are a big risk for business, both in the cost of fixing the issue and the downtime that occurs. Arc flash incidents are a serious health and safety hazard, with the potential to lead to serious injury or even death. Additionally, they can cause loss of electrical supply and damage your equipment.

Arc flash hazard assessment and mitigation

Our arc flash assessment and mitigation services help make your electrical network safer. Not only do the services help you meet safety standards, they protect your electrical assets and people from harm.

We can complete arc flash assessments of installations, quantifying what would happen to the switchboard in the event of a fault. From this information, we calculate and determine rectification works. As a result, the incident energy of a switchboard is reduced, making your electrical network safer!

Safety at all times, without compromise, is one of our core values. We take pride in our reputation as reliable electricians, trusted for getting the work done to the highest standard. Our purpose is to have your back when it comes to electrical safety. With our range of services, we can tailor a package that covers all your needs.

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