Ultrasonic and Partial Discharge Testing

Ultrasonic and partial discharge testing helps determine the condition of your electrical equipment. At Asset Power, we use the most sophisticated and specialised test equipment available in Australia.  We guarantee our clients the highest levels of safety and quality, helping your business excel.

Our COVID-19 Response

Asset Power Solutions are currently operating and supporting our customers for their essential electrical needs.

We are following the National and State Government lockdown rules which are currently allowing us to operate. Our staff are working from home and our field teams are taking every pre-caution in ensuring they are following all health and safety guidelines.

All our SWMS and procedures have been updated to include additional control measures to ensure we correctly control the COVID-19 hazard in our work areas.

All our personnel have completed the government supplied COVID-19 Training courses and will keep this training updated as further information is released.

We are here to support you during these testing times, as now more than ever it is important to ensure your power supplies are not interrupted. Our emergency 24/7 call out number is 1300 HVLVHELP, please ring to reach and mobilise (if required) skilled electrical work crews.

Stay safe everyone.

Transient Earth Voltage (TEV) / Internal Partial Discharge (PD)

This type of testing detects partial discharge (PD) electromagnetic emissions. The emissions can be detected from within the solid insulation materials inside electrical equipment. We use captive coupling technology to detect, locate and measure partial discharge (PD) activity and severity.

Included in our testing service is the measuring, recording and analysis of results. The testing allows us to see trends in asset condition in differing electrical and climatic in-service conditions.

The benefits of TEV and PD testing are:

  • Testing is undertaken online, non-intrusively and safely
  • Extend asset life cycles and maintain peak performance through improved understanding of asset condition

Ultra-Sonic (US) - Surface Partial Discharge (PD)

US and PD testing detect partial discharge (PD) surface emissions (tracking and arching). The discharge and emissions can be detected within the electrical equipment at the location of potential electrical stress.

US and PD testing are done using audio and ultrasonic detection equipment. For example, an airborne ultrasonic sensor or magnetic contact probe focusing around the 40 kHz range. The airborne sensor targets air gaps in the switchgear cabinet where air and emissions can travel out. It can also target the highly sensitive magnetic contact probe on sealed chambers. Other targeting points include:

  • Electrical stress-adjacent equipment
  • Cable terminations
  • Penetrations
  • Structural sharp points
  • Place where conductive and insulating components and materials come close together or in contact

The Asset Power team specialises in high-quality commercial and industrial electrical services. With us, you can feel confident your assets are in safe hands. All our staff are highly knowledgeable and competent in all forms of testing.

At Asset Power Solutions, we offer electrical maintenance packages at competitive prices. Your custom package can include regular ultrasonic and partial discharge testing to suit your needs. Regular maintenance helps you look after your business assets and reduce costs in the long run.

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