Testing, Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning Projects

With many years’ experience, the Asset Power Solutions team are experts in all testing, pre-commissioning and commissioning projects. With this specialist work scope completed by our skilled team, you’ll have confidence that your new installation will be safe, compliant and reliable.

Facilitating seamless projects

No matter what scope your project is, Asset Power Solutions has the expertise and equipment to complete all levels of testing, pre-commissioning and commissioning. We conduct projects in a safe and professional manner, helping you meet timelines and reach milestones. All our low, medium and high voltage testing is done by trained and certified test personnel.

Supporting your project is our focus. At Asset Power Solutions, we construct large scale commissioning ITP’s (inspection test plans), making sure they tie in with the testing scopes specific to your site. We take pride in our proven testing procedures, as well as our accurate and prompt reporting. We also construct full testing work packs, so handover is a seamless process.

Keeping your construction projects safe and professional

All Asset Power Solutions testing, pre-commissioning and commissioning crews are trained to the highest standard. All personnel have the required licences and tickets to work on all types of plants and facilities including mine sites, solar farms, wind farms, power plants, process plants and facilities Australia wide. We have fully mine complaint vehicles and the strictest levels of PPE and safety procedures to ensure our crews can easily tie in with on site requirements.

Our team uses the most specialised and sophisticated test equipment Australia wide. All our staff are fully trained and competent in the use of each make and model.

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