Fault Locating in Factories & Warehouses

The team at Asset Power Solutions are specialists in electrical fault location. With extensive field experience and industry knowledge, we’re a trusted provider of electrical fault location services in Brisbane. Need help with fault locating? Contact Asset Power Solutions today to find out more.

Professionals in electrical fault location

We understand that when there’s an electrical fault, our clients want the situation resolved fast. Time is a critical factor when the power is out! That’s where our efficient electrical fault location service comes in.

There's more to fault locating than just thumping a cable. Knowing what equipment and techniques to use can save a significant amount of time.

We combine first-class electrical equipment with our industry knowledge and best-practice methods. Therefore, faults can be located and fixed sooner, getting your facility up and running again.

We offer our clients an electrical emergency callout service, as well as a 24/7 after-hours service. No matter the time of day, we can locate periodic faults in cables efficiently, so you don’t have to be without power.

Experienced technicians

We have extremely well-trained and competent technicians who can find faults in the most complex circuits. In addition to fieldwork, our team is kept up to date on the latest best practice with extensive training. In fact, our team has over 200 years of combined electrical experience.

All our technicians have wide-ranging knowledge of commercial and industrial cable systems. This includes their construction, design, and the use of the latest fault locating equipment.

As a team, we take pride in being resourceful and finding the best solution for each client. From customer service to finding the fault on-site, we take pride in offering our clients quality. While finding a fast solution, we’re extremely thorough when locating the fault, ensuring the core issue is fixed.

Safety is our utmost priority, at all times, without compromise. Our tested and proven safe work systems and procedures ensure your people and facilities are safe.

To find out more about our maintenance solutions and emergency callout service, contact our friendly team today.

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